Ice Pack Hockey League : Schedules-Standings

Point Leaders
Player Team Points
David Blackburn The Larrys 7
David Sanders Red Army 7
Frederick Small Red Army 7
Sean Twombly Growlers 7
Bill Castelli Growlers 6
Chris Zeek The Larrys 6
Jon Bassford Panthers 5
Mike Byrum Red Army 5
Adam Davis Red Army 5
Raymond Dunn Red Army 5
Goal Leaders
Player Team Goals
Frederick Small Red Army 6
David Blackburn The Larrys 5
Bill Castelli Growlers 4
Sean Twombly Growlers 4
Jon Bassford Panthers 3
Raymond Dunn Red Army 3
Rueben Guttman Red Army 3
Steven Hartmann Bad Brew 3
Marc Charpentier Collision Experts 2
Jim Datko Panthers 2

Assist Leaders
Player Team Assists
David Sanders Red Army 6
Mike Byrum Red Army 4
Adam Davis Red Army 4
Charles Goetz The Larrys 4
Dave Hamrick The Larrys 4
Chris Zeek The Larrys 4
Sean Twombly Growlers 3
Christopher Wilson The Larrys 3
Dan Alexander Bad Brew 2
Jon Bassford Panthers 2
Penalty Minute Leaders
Player Team PIMS
Nick Minarik BlowHoles 2
Dan Alexander Bad Brew 0
Mike Bahniuk Collision Experts 0
Brandon Bailey The Larrys 0
Grant Barber Ice Turtles 0
Jon Bassford Panthers 0
David Blackburn The Larrys 0
Brian Blake Growlers 0
Evgeny Borodin Collision Experts 0
Mike Byrum Red Army 0

GAA Leaders
Player Team GAA
Ronald Huskey Red Army 1
Jon Phillips Growlers 1
Save Percentage Leaders
Player Team Save %
Jon Phillips Growlers 0.976
Ronald Huskey Red Army 0.974